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Science L!VE with Roger Billings – Poster


Featuring Dr. Roger Billings, the weekly Science LIVE broadcast has been shown to help students improve academically and develop positive attitudes about their schoolwork. Using examples from his own career and life, Roger Billings motivates and inspires students to achieve their best and believe that they can make a difference.

This highly motivational and informative lecture series, hosted by the International Academy of Science, is part of the Roger Billings Mentoring Program.

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2 reviews for Science L!VE with Roger Billings – Poster

  1. Sarah

    I don’t have this yet but am hoping to get it for Christmas. I just wanted to say that this is an AWESOME picture of Dr. Billings. Dr. Billings inspires me to become a better person and to do amazing things. Dr. Billings said this on November 20th, 2018:

    “I believe providing students with what mankind has already learned is the educator’s legacy. Igniting the fire within them to see the vast, virgin opportunity that lies before them as they too stand on the shoulders of giants is the educator’s quest.”

    This quote has made me want to not only meet him in person but it makes me want to use science to change the world. This statement makes me want to use science and change the wold like he did.

    “You can’t achieve a goal you never set. And the reason most people don’t set a goal is that they never take the time to decide just what it is they want to accomplish.”

  2. Irene

    Beautiful Poster! We love Science L!VE

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