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Meet Cellus Bot — A teaching robot that can dance! Equipped with lights and sensors, Cellus Bot is controlled by blockly coding modules included as part of the STEM 1 – Introduction to Coding course, the first in the STEM-10 series. As an additional touch, the Bot sports a laser which draws shapes and circles as the robot dances. The built-in accelerometer supports program-controlled responses to movements and positioning of the Bot. Students first learn how to control the robot in the most simplistic manner, but develop in complexity as lessons progress.

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Learn to Code with the Acellus Robot

Inspire your students and prepare them toward STEM careers with Blockly programing and custom-designed Acellus Educational Robots.

STEM - Cellus Bot

 The Acellus STEM-10 initiative is a 10-year course in coding.

It starts with students in the 3rd Grade, adding complexity each year until students graduate from high school as a certified programmer ready to enter the workplace.

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In the first year of STEM-10, the 3rd graders take lessons starting from square zero and then advance step-by-step through the fundamentals of coding. In the first half of the year, the course builds a baseline understanding of the concepts needed to learn coding. In the second half of the year, the students are introduced to Cellus Bot.

The Acellus STEM-10 is an excellent choice for elementary schools, where teachers trained in coding are often in short supply. It is also the right choice for parents without technical backgrounds, seeking to homeschool children.

Access to the course is sold separately and not included with the purchase of the Cellus Bot.  

Cellus BOT is currently supported by the Acellus app on Android, MacOS, and iOS devices, as well as the Acellus Student app on Windows devices.

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5 reviews for Cellus Bot – Code-Teaching STEM Bot

  1. Edith Betancourt

    We are in Acellus Academy and the Coding class is absolutely amazing and teaches intuition to children. The robot is an excellent complementary material to learn in a friendly and fun way to code. My son absolutely loves coding now and wants to learn more! I was surprised how fast it arrived and how customer friendly it is to set it up!

  2. Abeer

    It is so cool how the robot can move and talk thank you so much Acellus

  3. Tinisha (verified owner)

    Really cool robot. My son really enjoys being able to control its movements.

  4. Autumn

    I love it he spins and talk I love it

  5. Jace

    I love how you can move it around both on the computer and in real life

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