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Dr. Hydrogen Water Bottle


Personal Hydrogen Generator 

Enrich your water with hydrogen, using your personal hydrogen generator!  This rechargeable Dr. Hydrogen water bottle is perfect for staying hydrated on the go. Get yours today! Use often to stay well hydrated.

  • Water Capacity: 450ml
  • Material: High Borosilicate Glass + 304 Stainless Steel
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Hydrogen Content: 600-1200ppb
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Product Description:

– Water Capacity: 450ml

– Material: High Borosilicate Glass + 304 Stainless Steel Cap

– Battery Capacity: 650mAh

– Hydrogen Content: 600-1200ppb

Includes the Following Accessories:

– 1x Micro USB Charging Cable

– 1x Non-Slip Bottle Sleeve

– 1x Bottle Cleaning Brush

– 1x User Manual

Instructions for Use

Before First Use:

Fill your Personal Hydrogen Generator half full of water.  Screw on cap and and shake to rinse out bottle. (Do not use detergent or cleaning chemicals when unit is assembled as this could damage the electrolyzer’s proton exchange membrane in the base.

Unscrew the glass bottle from the base and thoroughly wash both the glass bottle and the cap.  Reassemble your Personal Hydrogen Generator making sure the sealing ring is in place and that the base is screwed on tightly to prevent leakage during operation.  Unit may require charging before use.


Normal Working Mode
— 4 minute cycle

Fill bottle with water, and double quick press the start button to begin cycle.  The unit will buzz one time and the blue LED will come on indicating the start of the electrolysis process.  Small bubbles will start to appear in the water.  The process will finish after 4 minutes, indicated by 3 buzzing tones.*

Allow at least 15 seconds after cycle has ended for the bubbles to clear.  Your hydrogen water is now ready to drink.   Enjoy promptly as the dissolved hydrogen in the water will begin to slowly dissipate as it sits. Dissolved hydrogen will last up to 2 hours with the lid sealed.

Note: To stop unit during operation, long press button for two seconds. Unit will buzz one time to indicate a successful stop.

* First Use Only:  When running your Personal Hydrogen Generator for the first time, the hydrogen water should be discarded and the process run again before drinking.

Cleaning Mode
— 10 minutes

Your Personal Hydrogen Generator has a self-cleaning cycle.  This process helps to keep your unit working efficiently longer.
To initiate cleaning cycle, fill bottle with water, and long press the start button 5 seconds.  The LED will light orange.
The unit will buzz 3 times to indicate the cleaning process is complete.  Discard water used for cleaning — do not drink.  Run the cleaning cycle after approx. 20 uses (hydrogenation cycles).
Note: To stop the cleaning mode before cycle has ended, hold button down for two seconds until buzzer sounds 2 times.

Charging Your Personal Hydrogen Generator

When your unit needs charging, an orange LED will flash and the unit will buzz 5 times and then automatically shut off.

Please connect the provided USB charging cable to a DC5V/1A power source and charge unit before turning back on.

The orange LED indicates that the unit is in charging mode and will remain on until charging is complete.


Additional information

Weight 48 oz

13 reviews for Dr. Hydrogen Water Bottle

  1. Liaat Cable

    I love it!! I was surprised at how fast my order arrived.

  2. Cicely

    Strange how the hydrogen water really does make you feel better. I am very happy with the high quality and design of this bottle. Only thing I don’t like about it is the beeping when turning it on or off, it is just a little loud in a quiet place like the library but I’m not sure that would even be seen as a issue for most people. Overall though I’m still very glad I got this.

  3. Cody

    Amazing water bottle! Can be used over and over before needing to be charged

  4. Eric

    Amazing, really helps.

  5. Edith

    Such an intelligent invention. I LOVE IT!!!!
    Thank you Dr. Hydrogen!!

  6. Devon

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This is the best water bottle ever! Thank you! AMAZING PRICE!

  7. JAK1234TOM

    this is sooooooooo coooool

  8. JackLobel

    so cool and useful

  9. Lillian (verified owner)

    I’m drinking more water than before. The hydrogen generator works great and produces lots of bubbles. Super happy with mine!

  10. 902-204-6057

    It is a great water bottle. I love it!!!

  11. N Christine

    Since getting this bottle I’ve been drinking a lot more water – and it stays charged for days! ?? I love that I can take it with me. I like to fill it and then when I’m thirsty, run the H2 cycle and drink the whole bottle. Then I refill it and it’s ready for later. I recommend it to anyone trying to stay hydrated. ❤️ Honestly, hydrogen water is easier for me to drink. I LOVE it!

  12. Cody Rogers

    It’s strange how this actually makes me drink more water! Amazing!

  13. 9010081046

    very cool thank you

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