New Acellus Feature — Syllabus Viewer for Parents

Parents now have an effective new feature on their menu: “Syllabus”

Acellus Syllabus Feature

The feature allows parents to view the Syllabus for any of the courses their student is currently enrolled in. 

From here parents will see a complete, up-to-date list of all the lessons and exams for the course plus which lessons have been completed by their student. They can also see the grade that was scored for each step and where their student was given additional help.

Acellus Syllabus Feature 2

Special Lessons are also integrated into the Syllabus, allowing parents to visualize where each lesson is designed to be integrated into the course. Because the Syllabus is complete, parents can see the lessons that have been assigned to the student as well as upcoming lessons.   

This allows parents to plan ahead and even print resources ahead of time.

Acellus Syllabus Feature 3


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