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Acellus @AcellusLearning Jan 6
Acellus @AcellusLearning Jan 4
Welcome @AuNaruto, @melissa_kinzer, @nygardarianna33, and @kiwipomfamily!
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Flare Uchicha @AuNaruto Jan 4
#AcellusLearningIs the new Exam Recovering thing a new feature, if so that's awesome!
Acellus @AcellusLearning Jan 2
Thanks for following @homeschoolmom75, @RachelL5250, and @patricksaporta!
Acellus @AcellusLearning Jan 2
Happy New Year!
Acellus @AcellusLearning Dec 30
Here's how 7 New Year's traditions got started via @Science
Here's How 7 New Year's Traditions Got Started
From smooching with a sweetie to blowing things up, here are the roots for seven New Year's traditions.
Acellus @AcellusLearning Dec 30
On #ThisDayInHistory in 1922, USSR established. Read More via @History
USSR established - Dec 30, 1922 -
On this day in History, USSR established on Dec 30, 1922. Learn more about what happened today on History.
Acellus @AcellusLearning Dec 23
Thanks for following @patricksaporta, @WilliamKershaw6, and @LorayneCupero!
Acellus @AcellusLearning Dec 22

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