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Tobler the Bear 146

Fractions with Tobler!

Tobler the bear is here, and he’s ready for some pie! Join Tobler and his friends as they learn all about fractions!

Picking up Litter 199

Grade 2 Social Studies – Picking Up Litter

This elementary social studies course explores different ways that we can be good citizens in our communities. In this lesson, some students pick up litter in their neighborhood!

Order of Operations 275

Order of Operations

This exciting help video was created by the Acellus Team to help students remember the Order of Operations!

Middle School Geography Excerpt 270

Middle School Geography

Check out this exciting new excerpt from Middle School Geography! In this lesson, we learn about the Earth’s forces and how they change life on this planet.

Acellus Preschool 204

Sneak Peek – Preschool

Check out this preview of the new Preschool course that is being developed by Acellus! Learning is so fun!


Chemistry – pH Indicators

In this excerpt from the new Acellus Chemistry course, instructor Nichole Lyssy conducts a lab to demonstrate the function of four different pH indicators.