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Tecker City

Some of you know about the project we’re doing below ground – the underground city, the sustainable community. This is a place where we will be able to apply next-generation sustainable technologies.

Hydrogen Car 818

Hydrogen – Hydride Tank

Each of us has different experience and a different perspective. What you understand is what gives you the ability to be able to do things that other people don’t see.

Science Fair 496

Acellus Science Fair

The Acellus Academy Science Fair has now opened to accept submissions! Join students from around the world in this online science fair competition. Entries are due by May 14, 2018. Click here for more...

Acellus-ESP-Trailer 361

New ESP Course Live

The new Acellus ESP course is now available to Acellus students. (ESP stands for Emotional, Social, and Physical education.)

New Movie - Acellus Student Blog 746

New Movie…

I got a movie clip from my grand kids today which I think was inspired by Acellus.  I hope you like it!