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Parker Solar Probe 32

Parker Solar Probe

NASA has designed a new solar probe that they are sending on a mission to explore the Sun. How will it withstand the heat? Special thanks to NASA for this video.

Bionic Limbs 64

Bionic Limbs

These engineers have found creative ways to make bionic limbs that are affordable, effective, and look neat! (It’s not near as fun to make something work that isn’t neat-looking.) Plus, they use 3-D printing...


Water Motion

Using precision and electronics, engineers designed this machine to make a human form out of water… Special thanks to Business Insider for this video.


Intruder Moth

This amazing footage was captured by a security camera in Acellus Tower… Lecture excerpt from Roger Billings Mentoring Program.


Origami Science

This scientist uses his love of origami to develop new technology ideas. How can you use your hobbies to better the world? Special thanks to ‘Great Big┬áStory’ for this video.

Aero-X 47


The Aero-X is an amazing machine that allows the rider to maneuver in all directions while in the air. What could you invent with this technology? #KnowledgeIsPower Special thanks to ‘The Henry Ford’ for...