Author: Acellus


Chemistry – pH Indicators

In this excerpt from the new Acellus Chemistry course, instructor Nichole Lyssy conducts a lab to demonstrate the function of four different pH indicators.

Socional Intro 86

Socional with Dr. Pajét Monet

The new Socional course featuring Dr. Pajét Monet has been released and is now available for students! Get a taste by watching the introductory lesson video.

Terra Cotta Warriors 124

Ancient Civilizations

In this excerpt from Ancient Civilizations, Acellus instructor Susanne Mitko teaches about the fascinating terra cotta warriors discovered in China.

Adrianna Marshall 175

Foundations of Music

This is an excerpt from the elementary course: Foundations of Music. It is taught by Acellus instructor Adrianna Marshall, with guest appearances of featured musicians from the Army Field Band.


The Puddle Mystery

Learn about one of the mysteries of science with Emily Rogers and a surprise guest teacher! This is an excerpt from the new Grade 4 Science course.

Welcome Spring 385

Welcome Spring!

Winter is almost over! Get ready for spring by watching this excerpt from the Acellus Grade K Science course, taught by Acellus instructor Yolanda Bediako!  

Dancing Bot ACD2 316

Dancing Acellus Robot

The Acellus robot, ACD2, can be programmed by students to dance! Watch as these Acellus students get creative with their coding skills!