Easier Acellus Enrollment With New Sign-In Card

When your students are ready to start in Acellus, they need to sign into the system with the correct identification.

In the past, to simplify this process Acellus provided Sign-In Cards which contained the necessary student ID andUpdated Acellus Sign-In Card - Guide password information.

Now, with students using an increasing number of different types of computer devices running on different platforms, Acellus has updated the Sign-In Card to also include information on platforms that are supported and guidance on installing the  Acellus App.



  1. Jonathan has not been getting any work do because this time last week we had a hurricane that hit us hard, we still don’t have lights and water, pray that it comes on soon, I need to know how to mark his absent.

    • Our hearts sincerely go out to you during this critical time! Good news for your Acellus student: since the program is self-paced, attendance is taken automatically without any action on your part. His courses and status will be waiting for him when he can get back to his studies.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Acellus directly.

  2. My daughter has been attending this online schooling for about three weeks now. We both have the app downloaded and she’s been using it, but no grades are posted. It shows her attendance but that’s it. Is there another app or something. I don’t want her to get behind, please let me know what to do. Thank you so much.

    • You should be able to view your student’s grades through the Score tab in your parent account. For further assistance please contact Acellus Homeschool directly: (800) 941-8100.

  3. Me and my daughter are doing great at this program I just need to know how many lessons a day she needs to do and when you go to score it says like 28/2000 I need to know if that’s how you know she’s finished with 8the grade or what it means… And how do I know she’s done for the day

    • Hi Amber! We are happy to hear that you and your daughter are enjoying the program! Please contact Acellus Homeschool Services directly to discuss your student’s account and progress. (800-941-8100)

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