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Acellus Gold

Motivating Student Achievement

Acellus Gold personalizes the learning experience through customized instructional modes and adaptive content.

As students advance through their courses, they accumulate Gold Learning Credits for each completed assignment reinforcing the value of their learning.

Engaging Learning Activities

After students successfully reach their daily goals on Acellus, a wide range of learning activities become accessible. These activities provide learning opportunities in an unstructured format that fosters a love for learning and enriches studentseducational experience.

Eliminating Learning Gaps

Acellus understands that closing gaps in foundational knowledge is essential for student success. Vectored Instruction® is an innovative system designed to address these gaps and provide timely interventions. Utilizing Prism Diagnostics®, Acellus analyzes student responses, categorizing them to identify the root causes of misunderstandings. This allows Acellus to deliver precise interventions tailored to each student’s specific deficiencies. 

Lightens Teacher Workload

Acellus Gold is equipped with powerful tools that alleviate the burden of routine tasks from the teacher’s daily schedule. Simultaneously, it offers actionable guidance on supporting individual students, streamlining the teacher’s role and ensuring that attention is focused where it is most urgently needed. 

What Makes Acellus a Learning Accelerator?

Building on modern research, Acellus developers study the way students learn, identify obstacles to learning, and experiment with different techniques rooted in cognitive science to discover the ones that accelerate learning.

Vectored Instruction

Acellus recognizes that addressing gaps in foundational knowledge is crucial to student successTo overcome this obstacle, Acellus devised a groundbreaking solution known as Vectored Instruction, which serves as an effective remedy for students struggling with missing essential concepts.

Acellus Writing Tutor

The Acellus Writing Tutor uses Intelligent Interaction to tutor students as they write, giving immediate feedback on grammar, spelling, vocabulary and even on the writing style. This is a long awaited game changer on our ability to teach writing in the distance learning environment.

Professionally-Filmed Video Lessons

Acellus courses employ expertly produced video lessons to ignite students’ curiosity. Collaborating with some of the nation’s most skilled educators, Acellus crafts lessons which are not only impactful but also captivating. These videos, coupled with interactive course materials, deliver an online educational journey that fosters a genuine passion for acquiring knowledge.

Cognitive Learning Drills

Acellus is putting cognitive science to work. Acellus presents lessons in a way that fills up the student’s working memory so that the new bits of knowledge go directly into implicit memory. 

Memorizing important information is critical for advancing to more difficult concepts. Examples include math facts and physics equations. Beginning readers need to memorize common words because the time needed to sound out words phonetically often degrades comprehension. 

The Acellus Effect

Transforming Education’s Landscape

The Acellus team has embarked on a mission to revolutionize students’ learning experiences through an innovative online learning system. 

The manifestation of the Acellus Effect is shown when students who were struggling start experiencing success, when they grow in their self-esteem, when their attitudes change, and when there is a pervasive positive shift in the attitudes of both teachers and parents towards the education of their students.

Acellus Effect- Students Experience Success

Acellus is equipped with powerful tools that alleviate the burden of routine tasks from the teacher’s daily schedules. Simultaneously, it offers actionable guidance on supporting individual students, streamlining the teacher’s role and ensuring that attention is focused where it is most urgently needed.

From our perspective at Acellus, teachers constitute the bedrock of learning within our educational institutions. Recognizing the pivotal role they play, Acellus advocates for providing the recognition and support essential for their triumph.

White Paper:

Unveiling the Acellus Effect

by Dr. Roger Billings


What Schools are saying about Acellus

Acellus benefits both our Advanced Students and our Students with Special Needs 

This year at Archie R-V School District we have been utilizing Acellus Gold and are extremely pleased with the range of students it benefits. Our advanced students are thriving in their electives, while students with IEPs are engaged in programs tailored specifically to their needs. The flexibility of Acellus Gold to be used as a stand-alone class or in conjunction with teacher instruction is another fantastic feature we appreciate. Additionally, the daily goals set by Acellus Gold encourage our students to work at a consistent rate, promoting long-term mastery of the material covered. This has greatly enhanced the learning experience and progress for our students.

Michelle Mell, Director of Academics
Archie R-V School District, Missouri

Helping our students perform on grade level…

“Acellus has truly been a game-changer for helping our students perform on grade level. Students come to our school with varying levels of readiness. Acellus has been an equalizer that bridges achievement gaps to address inequities in academic achievement.”

Adolfo Melara, Superintendent
George I Sanchez Charter Schools − Houston, Texas


Student in special education who could not speak in full sentences is now speaking fluently

“Our school serves a diverse population of students with severe disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum and with Down Syndrome. We were among the first schools to adopt Acellus Gold, purchasing licenses at the end of August 2023. Since then, the program has been a game-changer for our students and teachers.

Acellus Gold has made a profound impact on our students who face significant academic challenges. Many of our students are at varying levels academically and struggle with severe learning disabilities. One particularly remarkable success story involves students who enrolled last year unable to speak in full sentences. Thanks to Acellus Gold, these students now speak fluently and have progressed more than a grade level within the past year.

Parents have expressed immense gratitude, with one even asking us to thank Acellus every day for the positive changes they’ve witnessed. Additionally, we’ve noticed a newfound interest in STEM courses among our students, which is incredibly encouraging.

Acellus Gold has truly transformed the educational experience for our students with severe disabilities, providing them with the tools they need to succeed and thrive.”

Kelly Rouse, Director
Community School, Louisiana

Acellus has transformed student responsibility and success for our students in special education

I have used Acellus as the Special Education virtual platform for our school. We chose Acellus because of the vectored instruction and streamlined platform. Even when we have researched other platforms nothing beats Acellus.

I have witnessed a lot of success when using Acellus with our students that struggle with the authoritative piece of the student teacher relationship. Acellus takes the authoritative piece out and puts the responsibility on the student. The students will begin working and end up enjoying the platform and their success so much that they rarely return to in person teaching.”

Casey Jo Hodge, Instructor
Owasso Public Schools, Oklahoma

Elevating Educational Depth and Diversity for Student Success

“Our first year with Acellus has been a tremendous success! The content provided through Acellus is much deeper and more diverse than what we have been accustomed to. Our students, parents, and adult learners have been very enthusiastic about our switch to Acellus.”

Aaron Chard, Director of 21st Century Learning
Fredonia Jr. Sr. High School, Kansas

Students 3-4 years behind are performing on grade level…

“Our high school serves students in an alternative setting where it is not uncommon for students to be as much as 3-4 years behind grade level. Acellus has given us the tools to meet these students at their level and get them performing on grade level. Acellus has helped to restore student confidence and put students, who were once helplessly behind, on a path to success.”

Kevin Morris, Principal – Mount Olive Innovation and Technology High School
Duarte Unified School District − Duarte, California

Tremendous academic gains and smiles on their faces…

The Acellus program has been working wonderfully. The kids absolutely love it and are highly motivated. As they work, I see smiles on their faces and they are fully engaged. While navigating the teacher interface, I’ve also noticed tremendous academic gains for nearly every student enrolled in the program.

Christina Valic, Teacher
P.S. 19 – The Curtis School, New York City School District


Acellus Courses

Acellus offers an expansive selection of standards-based courses K-12. Acellus courses are professionally filmed with some of the best equipment available in the cinematic industry.

The combination of incredible footage, outstanding teachers, and content that makes learning relevant to the real-world, makes Acellus videos captivating and interesting – igniting the student’s interest in learning.


Sample Videos

Middle School

Sample Videos

High School

Sample Videos

Deployment Options

One System – All Your Students

Special Education

Multi-sensory instruction that is custom designed for students with special needs. Classroom-tested to be effective in getting students back on grade level.

Schools that are using Acellus in their Special Education programs have found that students very quickly start experiencing success and are often able to achieve grade level expectations. Extensive research has been done on how to most effectively teach students with special needs, and specific methodologies have been developed to most effectively reach these learners. Courses are available that have been specially designed for special education, starting at the elementary level and going up through 12th grade.


Credit Recovery

Effective, standalone system for credit recovery. Discovers deficiencies, triggering Vectored Instruction.

Acellus offers schools a wide suite of video-based courses for credit recovery, including electives and Career and Technical Education courses. The instruction is catered to the need of each student, so that priority is given to concepts students are still gaining mastery over. When gaps and areas of weakness are identified, even from prior courses of study, Vectored Instruction is activated and through targeted teaching builds back the missing foundational knowledge needed for a student to successfully complete the course.


Multi-year STEM program for elementary through high school. Self-contained teacher built in.

The Acellus STEM Lab program empowers math and science teachers to offer effective coding and robotics courses without the need for extensive additional training. The STEM Lab includes video-based coding courseware, and a programmable robot. By combining self-contained instruction with interactive tutoring to the student by the robot, Acellus is able to provide schools with STEM courses that can be up and running overnight.


Gifted and Talented

Rigorous courses developed to challenge and motivate even the most gifted students

Learners who show evidence of high achievement, such as gifted and talented students, often have unique requirements that require specialized instruction in order for them to fully develop their capabilities. Acellus allows students to move forward on an accelerated path, and differentiates the instruction so that students with various skill levels are not held back. A special accelerated mode of Acellus has been developed specifically for gifted and honors students.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

CTE courses taught by teachers with years of work experience. Students are able to earn industry recognized credentials while in high school.

Acellus Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses incorporate the necessary academic anchor standards, along with the career and life-skills training essential for success in the ‘real world’. With the various career clusters Acellus offers, students are able to take courses specific to the career pathway of their choice. Acellus CTE courses provide career related education experiences, while also allowing students to earn industry recognized credentials.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Courses specially developed to help students from any ethnic background master the English Language

The Acellus Discover English courses are developed for students in ESL/ELL programs. They are ideal for students from any ethnic background and language that are learning English. This course utilizes the Universal Interaction Technique, developed by Roger Billings, so that the same course can simultaneously support students of various native tongues.


Powerful deficiency diagnostics combined with targeted intervention restores student confidence and achievement.

Acellus provides targeted intervention for students, integrating prescriptive assessments and customized content, based on the student’s skills and individual needs. Acellus identifies specific gaps in students’ knowledge based upon their response to the presented concepts. Acellus then provides Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) to apply targeted intervention in the prescribed areas.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional courses including crisis intervention lessons for students and parents.

The Acellus SEL (Social Emotional Learning) courses focus on the importance of cultivating healthy relationships, a caring attitude, and the importance of one’s overall well-being and physical health. SEL inspires positivity, which will empower students to face the day-to-day challenges they will encounter in the real world. Separate courses have been developed for the elementary, middle, and high school levels. 

Before & After School Programs

Expansive selection of standalone courses ideal for STEM, intervention, credit recovery and enrichment.

Incorporating Acellus into After School programs allows schools to personalize the learning experience for every student. This makes it ideal for a diversity of programs, including STEM, core intervention, credit recovery, and enrichment. With over 300 courses to choose from in every core area, including CTE, AP, and Elective courses, Acellus allows teachers to more fully differentiate the instruction provided.

Summer School

Video based, self-contained courses ideal for a diverse population of learners in Summer School Programs

With a wide array of course offerings, and many diverse deployment options, Acellus is a perfect fit for Summer School programs. Schools can choose from over 300 video based courses, and are able to control the level of rigor for each course. This makes it ideal whether the goal is to help struggling students catch up, or provide an accelerated option for gifted students.


Advanced Placement (AP)

18 College Board Approved AP courses, teacher taught and effective as standalone option

Acellus offers a large suite of College Board Approved Advanced Placement courses, which allows students to gain college credit while still in high school. Acellus AP courses have been proven very effective as both standalone courses, or as a supplement to regular AP classes. Schools using the Acellus AP courses are seeing a significant percentage of their students get perfect scores on the AP exam.

GED & Adult Education

Speciality courses designed for the GED, TASC and HiSET. Extensive array of career and workforce training courses.

Acellus provides schools and adult learning centers with an extensive array of resources that are ideal for the academic and career training needed for successful adult education programs. Courses are available to help prepare adults to be ready for a high school equivalency exam, as well as empowering them with the skills and training required for a career. Courses in each core area have been developed for each section of the GED, HiSET and TASC.

Virtual Learning

Effectively teaching students over a distance.

Acellus provides schools with the components needed to successfully start and run a virtual program. With Acellus students studying online receive the help they need, precisely when they need it, resulting in significant gains in student achievement.

Correctional Education

Teacher taught courses provided to students in a standalone, locked down environment.

The education provided in a Correctional Institution is a fundamental component of rehabilitation. Correctional Facilities and Detention Centers are faced with the challenge of providing education to a transient population with varying levels of mastery. Acellus offers correctional facilities a standalone solution that can be deployed in even the most secure locked-down environment. Acellus Courses are all taught by teachers, so that staff that oversee students on many different levels can monitor and facilitate the classes without needing to have proficiency in each content area.




The International Academy of Science is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that has been advancing science and education for over 30 years. The Academy offers applied science undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students with important hands-on skills and experience needed for success in the workplace.

Acellus was created by the International Academy of Science in 2001, and has since been adopted by thousands of schools across the country, and has provided education to millions of students in all 50 states and worldwide.

Acellus is an interactive learning accelerator. It combines technology and learning science to help students master content, learning more effectively (greater mastery) and efficiently (in less time). Backed by scientific research, Acellus delivers online instruction, compliant with the latest standards, through high-definition video lessons made more engaging with multimedia and animation. Each lesson is carefully designed to connect with previously learned knowledge like interlocking building blocks. Students can log in to take lessons from school or home, on any device.

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