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Acellus-History-Todd-Edmond 197

US History – Boston Filming Trailer

This summer we sent our film crew out to Boston with history teacher Todd Edmond. What a great place to learn about the birth of our nation! This trailer shows some of the amazing...

Lizard vs. Snake 295

Lizard vs. Snake City

This little lizard gets a run for his money when he finds himself in the middle of a snake den. This epic video is a reminder of how amazing our planet is – what...

Acellus Science Highlights 159

Acellus Science Highlights!

One of our goals in Acellus is to make our nation the world leader in science and math. These science teachers are helping us get closer to meeting that goal!

Total Solar Eclipse 121

Total Eclipse of the Sun

On August 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible to many people spread across the USA. For most, this amazing spectacle will only be visible for a couple of minutes. If you are...

Acellus-Math-Highlights 89

Acellus Math Highlights!

Acellus makes math fun! This video features some of our great math teachers doing what they love best. See if you can spot your favorite teacher. Get excited about learning with Acellus!