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Acellus Preschool 202

Sneak Peek – Preschool

Check out this preview of the new Preschool course that is being developed by Acellus! Learning is so fun!

Adrianna Marshall 315

Foundations of Music

This is an excerpt from the elementary course: Foundations of Music. It is taught by Acellus instructor Adrianna Marshall, with guest appearances of featured musicians from the Army Field Band.

Electrical Coding with Dr. John 275

Sneak Peek – Electrical Coding

Check out this sample lesson from the Electrical Coding course, taught by Acellus instructor Dr. John! This is the third course in the Acellus STEM series.


Sneak Peek – Grade 4 Science

Check out this sneak peek from the new Grade 4 Science course, taught by Acellus instructor Emily Rogers!