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Branches of Science 95

Branches of Science

Science is a way to seek and discover knowledge, information, and truth. Is one branch of science better than the others? Lecture excerpt from Science World with DrB.

Metallic Hydrogen 82

Metallic Hydrogen

Metallic Hydrogen Metallic hydrogen has never existed on Earth before. Its properties are very unique. What do you think we can create with this new material? Special thanks to Mashable for this video.


Origami Science

This scientist uses his love of origami to develop new technology ideas. How can you use your hobbies to better the world? Special thanks to ‘Great Big Story’ for this video.


Properties of Gallium

Very, very often, it’s a property of something that is the mother of invention. I love to learn about new properties. Whenever there is a new property discovered, there is an opportunity to solve...

Scientific Method 101

The Scientific Method

In science, sometimes we get so excited about getting results that we fudge. You might be able to fool your friends, but you can’t fool the truth and you can’t fool yourself. When you’re...

Instant Ice 312

Instant Ice

When water changes from a liquid to a solid, it becomes ice. But have you ever seen ice form right before your eyes? These ice crystals take only seconds to form. How does it...

Dragon or Lizard? 283

Dragon or Lizard?

When this little lizard is cornered, he reveals his secret weapon. So what do you think – is he a dragon or a lizard? #LifeScience really is amazing. Special thanks to the BBC for...