Author: Dr. Roger Billings

What is Love 104

What is Love?

Dr. Billings answers a student question about one of the primary forces in the universe – love. Lecture excerpt from Science World with DrB.

Failure to Success 122

From Failure to Success

The Hubble Telescope is one of NASA’s greatest triumphs, but it wasn’t always that way. With the right attitude, failure can be turned into success! Lecture excerpt from Science World with DrB.

Branches of Science 93

Branches of Science

Science is a way to seek and discover knowledge, information, and truth. Is one branch of science better than the others? Lecture excerpt from Science World with DrB.

Memorization 83


Memorization is a skill that must be developed. You develop the ability to read kind of like you develop muscles – you do it by practicing. Some people may be better at it than...