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3D Printer 320

3D Printed House

This 3D printer can print an entire house in just one day! Developers think these concrete houses could endure for 175 years. Special thanks to Mashable for this video.

Salar de Uyuni 151

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is one of Earth’s amazing landscapes, often referred to as the world’s biggest mirror. #EarthScience Special thanks to Insider for this video.

Metallic Hydrogen 94

Metallic Hydrogen

Metallic Hydrogen Metallic hydrogen has never existed on Earth before. Its properties are very unique. What do you think we can create with this new material? Special thanks to Mashable for this video.


3D-Printed Magnets

Researches at MIT developed these 3D-printable magnets. How could you use this idea to create something new? Special thanks to NowThis for this video.

Motion Sickness Glasses 162

Motion Sickness Glasses

Motion sickness is something that many people suffer from while traveling, thought to be caused by conflicting signals in the inner ear, eyes, and sensory receptors. These glasses are supposed to prevent motion sickness....

Circuit Scribe 160

Drawing Circuits

This pen can draw electrical circuits that actually work! How do you think this design will impact future technology? Special thanks to Futurism for this video.


Gradient Pen

This is a cool gadget that someone very creative invented. Could you use this idea to come up with your own invention? Special thanks to Business Insider for this video.

Parker Solar Probe 76

Parker Solar Probe

NASA has designed a new solar probe that they are sending on a mission to explore the Sun. How will it withstand the heat? Special thanks to NASA for this video.