Acellus for Summer School

Extensive Selection of Standalone,
Video-Based Courses

The diverse offering of courses that Acellus provides to schools caters perfectly to the needs presented in a Summer School program. This is true whether the Summer School program targets students that have fallen behind in their studies and need to regain course credits, or the focus is on acceleration for gifted learners. With the Live Class Monitor, a single teacher can keep track of students in multiple classes simultaneously.

Through Acellus, schools can offer a complete credit recovery program, as well as the basic remediation courses needed to help students meet grade level expectations and complete End of Course Exams with a passing grade.

When the focus is on enrichment, Acellus offers a full suite of advanced courses, including College Board approved AP courses, so that students who are on a gifted track can get ahead during the summer months.

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with the Acellus Program. It provides a really economical way to run a Summer School Program so students can recover credits failed during the previous school year. This past summer, we had 60 students out 74 who had failed one or more classes recover all of their credits through the wide range of Acellus courses available to them. I really appreciate the support of the grant funding that makes the Acellus Licenses so affordable for schools. The Acellus program truly helps students stay on track so they can graduate on time!”

— Jim Christenson, Principal Crosby-Ironton High School, MN

Extensive Offering of Courses, K-12

Acellus courses cover all core areas, K-12. Standards-based course content is available in mathematics, social studies, science, language arts and reading. Courses are also available in the areas of Career and Technical Education, College Board Approved AP courses, ESL, and Electives.

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Individualized Learning for Every Student

The Acellus courses can be used in a classroom or a computer lab setting – making it possible for all the students to receive the instruction they need at their own pace. All the courses are video based – taught by teachers who are experts in their field of study and know how to make learning both exciting and engaging. After each video lesson, students are presented with assessments and quizzes to determine their mastery of the concepts presented.

Using Prism Diagnostics® technology, Acellus captures students responses and analyzes them. This technology splits students into groups, or spectrums, based on similar deficiencies in their background knowledge. When a student is diagnosed as falling into one of these deficiency spectrums, Acellus immediately calls up deficiency recovery videos with targeted instruction to fix the identified gap, empowering students to move forward with confidence.

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