Getting Started

To get started as a student on Acellus, you will need an Acellus ID and Password from your teacher or parent.  Next go to, click the Student Sign-In button, and enter your Acellus ID and Password.

For more information about the student interface, you can review the Student Orientation:

To sign in, go to and select the Student Sign In button.  Enter your Acellus ID and Password when prompted.

Selecting a Class

After signing in, you may select a class to work in.  Once the class is selected, Acellus takes you immediately to your current position within the course.


Lessons begin with Acellus delivering video-based instruction. Each lesson is focused on the instruction and mastery of a single concept.


After the video, you are given practice problems to assess your understanding of the lesson concept.  As soon as you demonstrate mastery of the concept, Acellus will advance you to the next lesson.

Reviews & Exams

At the conclusion of each unit, you will be given a review which is followed by an exam. During the review, you are able to review videos from lessons within the unit in preparation for the exam.  Acellus delivers, unit, mid-term, and final exams.

Extra Help Videos

If you do not grasp a concept after watching the initial video, additional help videos are available that provide more in-depth instruction.

Learn about the Help Tab

Viewing Goals & Progress

Selecting the the Progress icon from the Student Interface brings up your weekly goals and progress report.  Accomplishing your goals will help you stay on-pace in completing each course.

Digital Literacy Skills

Here are skills you may need as you use Acellus courses:


 Opening and closing computer applications.

 Using a mouse, touchpad, or other selector.

  Typing using a keyboard, on-screen keyboard, or other software.

  Navigating Acellus courses using a web browser.

 Signing in using a username and password.

  Downloading and opening common file formats, such as .pdf.

  Saving and uploading files, such as images.

 Using email, chat, and video conferencing tools like Acellus Messages.

  Using the search engine in the Acellus Library to locate information.

Submitting Special Lessons

Special Lessons are supplemental learning assignments given through Acellus.  Special lessons are indicated by a small “bubble” that appears on the briefcase icon in your student interface.  Select the icon to view your current Special Lesson assignments.  Newly assigned lessons are marked with a blue flag.   Some assignments will require you to submit your work.

Here is how you do it.

To submit your work for a Special Lessons make sure you have the lesson visible by selecting it from the list on the left.  Then select the “Add Work” button.

Next, upload either a picture or create a file using the Acellus text editor.  After your work is submitted, the blue flag changes to green, indicating the assignment has been turned in.

Using the Acellus Library

Another resource that is available to you is the Acellus Library.   It contains videos and books which you may check out.  Your teacher may also assign you resources from the library for your classes.

To access the Library, click the Library icon in your Student Interface.

To use the search feature, type the subject or author, or specify choices from the pull down menu options.

Once you have entered your search criteria, click the “Search” button to display a search results list.

You may check out media items by selecting the check box in front of the items you want and clicking the “Check Out” button.

The new item(s) will appear in your list for easy access anytime you visit the Library.

Technology Requirements

System requirements for running Acellus Version 7 on a client device are as follows:





OS Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP OS X 10.6 or higher iOS 10 or higher 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) or higher
Browsers Edge, IE11, 10
Acellus App Chrome
Android Built-in Browser

All Operating Systems: Acellus requires Internet connection – a broadband connection is recommended. Mobile devices are supported. Speakers or headphones and a microphone or headset are recommended. Occasionally, students are given an assignment where they can build a presentation or other project with online tools that they know how to use but specific tools or plugins are not required.

How to get Technical and Academic Support

Help When Working Problems

The Help Tab is available to provide extra support while you are working problems.  It contains the Lesson Manual and Problem-Solving Help in the form of short videos that show an example problem being worked.  The Help Tab also contains the Lesson Videos for you to review.

NOTE: The Help Tab is not available during exams.

Clicking the Help Tab button opens the help menu.  Choose an option.

  1. Lesson Manual:  The Lesson Manual is a text-based companion to the Video Lesson highlighting the main concept and important things you will want to remember.
  2. Problem-Solving Help:  Specialized help videos have been filmed for you to watch when you need a little help remembering how to work a specific type of problem from the lesson.
  3. Lesson Videos:  This tab contains the main lesson video for you to review, as well as other available video lessons on this concept.

Need More Help?  

Message Your Teacher Through Acellus

If you need more help, you should let your teacher know.  One way to do this is to send your teacher a message through Acellus.

To use the messaging tool, start by choosing the “Messages” icon from the student Interface.

Now, click the “New Message” button to bring up the compose message window.

Next, choose the teacher you wish to message from the dropdown menu.

Type your message and then click the “Send Message” button.