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Knowledge is Power 82

Knowledge is Power

Every time you learn something about nature, about life, math, science, about history… all of these things empower you in your mission and your life. Excerpt from Science World with DrB.

Aero-X 90


The Aero-X is an amazing machine that allows the rider to maneuver in all directions while in the air. What could you invent with this technology? #KnowledgeIsPower Special thanks to ‘The Henry Ford’ for...


Properties of Gallium

Very, very often, it’s a property of something that is the mother of invention. I love to learn about new properties. Whenever there is a new property discovered, there is an opportunity to solve...

Importance of Math 89

The Importance of Math

Looking at the world without math skills is like looking into space without the Hubble telescope. You can see it, but you can’t really see it. Math can only be mastered if you put...