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Motion Sickness Glasses 129

Motion Sickness Glasses

Motion sickness is something that many people suffer from while traveling, thought to be caused by conflicting signals in the inner ear, eyes, and sensory receptors. These glasses are supposed to prevent motion sickness....


Gradient Pen

This is a cool gadget that someone very creative invented. Could you use this idea to come up with your own invention? Special thanks to Business Insider for this video.


Water Motion

Using precision and electronics, engineers designed this machine to make a human form out of water… Special thanks to Business Insider for this video.


Origami Science

This scientist uses his love of origami to develop new technology ideas. How can you use your hobbies to better the world? Special thanks to ‘Great Big Story’ for this video.

Aero-X 90


The Aero-X is an amazing machine that allows the rider to maneuver in all directions while in the air. What could you invent with this technology? #KnowledgeIsPower Special thanks to ‘The Henry Ford’ for...