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The Acellus Learning System is a revolutionary technology designed to help students master any course of instruction. The basic premise of Acellus is to turn the learning process into a science, and by so doing, improve the overall effectiveness of the learning process. The system uses Deficiency Diagnostics (DD) and Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) to individualize the learning process.
Acellus is accessed through a web browser and allows students to work – at their own pace – through a given course of instruction. Acellus evaluates student responses through an interactive environment and customizes courses to meet the needs of each student – coupling comprehensive assessments with targeted video instruction in areas where deficiencies are identified. Student Performance Reports can be generated for Teachers at any time so they can monitor the progress and success of each student.
Student Features
  • Acellus virtually provides each student with one-on-one instruction.
  • Acellus presents video-based content, provides problems for student response, uses DD to analyze the responses and, based on the response feedback, determines what content is presented next, thus customizing each course for each student.
  • Students can sign in from school, from home – from anywhere Internet is available – and Acellus will pick up right where they left off.
  • The Acellus Messaging System allows students to interact with their Teachers whenever and wherever they need to.
  • With Acellus, students can work at their own pace.
  • Acellus engages students with the three methods of instruction – visual, aural, and tactile.
Teacher Features
  • Acellus Teachers are provided with extensive, real-time monitoring and record-keeping capabilities, giving them details of how each student is progressing.
  • Attendance is kept automatically by the Acellus system, which marks students as present, absent, or tardy.
  • With the Acellus Classes tool, Teachers can see an overview of how their class is doing – including their progress, their current grade, and the concepts they are working on.
  • As students work through individual Acellus Courses, their grades are automatically updated.
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