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How Acellus Tutoring Works


Select a Concept to Study

Students receive 24/7 access to complete courses that cover the concepts being taught at school. Students can jump to any lesson to get help with a particular concept.


Learn from America's Greatest Teachers

Each concept is taught through video-based lessons featuring some of the greatest teachers in America. These instructors have expertise in explaining "hard to grasp" concepts and bring the subject material to life.

Watch Sample Lessons

Practice with Interactive Problems

After watching a short video lesson, students practice each concept with interactive problems.


Identify Holes in Your Knowledge

Acellus uses special problems to identify where a student has a hole in their background knowledge that is making it hard for them to learn a particular concept. This special type of a problem is called a "Swiss Cheese Problem" because it helps us find holes in a student's understanding.

Video: Swiss Cheese Problems

Receive Personalized Instruction

Using the data gathered about the holes in a student’s understanding, Acellus provides custom personalized instruction to fill the gaps.

Watch Example Help Video

Prepare for Success at School!

When students fill the holes in their understanding, they begin to develop a solid learning foundation that enables them to succeed at school and in life.

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A Few Reasons Why Parents Love Acellus

Self-paced Learning
Students can work independently and receive personalized instruction to help them master each concept.

Live Monitoring
Watch your student's progress real-time from any mobile device or computer.

Automatic Recordkeeping
Acellus automatically compiles scores, progress, and hours worked into printable reports.

Watch Sample Lessons

Select the thumbnails below to view sample lessons from Acellus courses.

Grade K Math

Lesson: The Number 4
» Watch Lesson

Grade K Science

Lesson: Let's Feed the Birds
» Watch Lesson

Grade K LA / Reading

Lesson: Phonics: M Sound
» Watch Lesson

Grade K Social Studies

Lesson: Seasons
» Watch Lesson

Grade 1 Math

Lesson: Discovering Estimation
» Watch Lesson

Grade 1 Science

Lesson: What is an Antenna?
» Watch Lesson

Grade 1 LA / Reading

Lesson: People Nouns
» Watch Lesson

Grade 1 Social Studies

Lesson: Neighborhoods
» Watch Lesson

Grade 2 Math

Lesson: Two-Digit Subtraction
» Watch Lesson

Grade 2 Science

Lesson: Fossils
» Watch Lesson

Grade 2 LA / Reading

Lesson: Commands & Exclamations
» Watch Lesson

Grade 2 Social Studies

Lesson: Landmarks of the World
» Watch Lesson

Grade 3 Math

Lesson: Pizza Fractions
» Watch Lesson

Grade 3 Science

Lesson: Why Does the Sky Look Blue?
» Watch Lesson

Grade 3 LA / Reading

Lesson: Introducing Nouns
» Watch Lesson

Grade 3 Social Studies

Lesson: The Declaration of Independence
» Watch Lesson

Grade 4 Math

Lesson: Math Monster Mystery
» Watch Lesson

Grade 4 Science

Lesson: Sound Energy
» Watch Lesson

Grade 4 LA / Reading

Lesson: Inferring / Predicting
» Watch Lesson

Grade 4 Social Studies

Lesson: Cowboys & Cowgirls
» Watch Lesson

Grade 5 Math

Lesson: Using Fractions to Estimate
» Watch Lesson

Grade 5 Science

Lesson: Lab: Comet Cooking
» Watch Lesson

Grade 5 LA / Reading

Lesson: Presenting a Book Review
» Watch Lesson

Grade 5 Social Studies

Lesson: The Boston Tea Party
» Watch Lesson

Grade 6 Math

Lesson: Add Decimals
» Watch Lesson

Life Science

Lesson: Cell Pizza Lab
» Watch Lesson

Ancient Civilizations

Lesson: Oetzi - Iceman of the Alps
» Watch Lesson

Grade 6 Language Arts/Reading

Lesson: Poem Rhyme Rhythm
» Watch Lesson

Grade 7 Math

Lesson: Subtracting Integers
» Watch Lesson

Earth Science

Lesson: Lab - Speeding Around the Sun
» Watch Lesson

M.S. Geography

Lesson: Climate and Ecosystems
» Watch Lesson

Grade 7 Language Arts/Reading

Lesson: Questioning
» Watch Lesson

Physical Science

Lesson: What are Signs of Chemical Change?
» Watch Lesson

Grade 8 Language Arts/Reading

Lesson: Puns & Shakespeare
» Watch Lesson


Lesson: Circle Graphs
» Watch Lesson

Physical Science

Lesson: Law of Conservation of Mass
» Watch Lesson

H.S. English I

Lesson: The Gift of the Magi
» Watch Lesson

US History I

Lesson: Fighting Begins (Lexington & Concord)
» Watch Lesson

Algebra I

Lesson: Algebraic Expressions
» Watch Lesson

General Biology

Lesson: Cell Membranes
» Watch Lesson

H.S. English II

Lesson: Elements of Persuasive Speaking
» Watch Lesson

World History I

Lesson: Rise of the Roman Empire
» Watch Lesson

General Chemistry

Lesson: Scientific Notation
» Watch Lesson

American Literature

Lesson: Free Verse Poetry
» Watch Lesson

AP Calculus

Lesson: Polynomial Functions
» Watch Lesson

General Physics

Lesson: Magnetic Forces
» Watch Lesson

College Prep Eng.

Lesson: Sentence Structure
» Watch Lesson

US Government

Lesson: Domestic & Foreign Policy
» Watch Lesson

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Select the thumbnails below to view sample lessons from Acellus courses.


  • Grade K Math
  • Grade 1 Math
  • Grade 2 Math
  • Grade 3 Math
  • Grade 4 Math
  • Grade 5 Math

Language Arts/Reading:

  • Grade K Language Arts/Reading
  • Grade 1 Language Arts/Reading
  • Grade 2 Language Arts/Reading
  • Grade 3 Language Arts/Reading
  • Grade 4 Language Arts/Reading
  • Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading
  • Discover English - Elementary Part I (ESL)


  • Grade K Science
  • Grade 1 Science
  • Grade 2 Science
  • Grade 3 Science
  • Grade 4 Science
  • Grade 5 Science

History/Social Studies:

  • Grade K Social Studies
  • Grade 1 Social Studies
  • Grade 2 Social Studies
  • Grade 3 Social Studies
  • Grade 4 Social Studies
  • Grade 5 Social Studies

Special Education::

  • Preschool-K Special Learning 1-SE*
  • Grade 1-2 Special Learning 2-SE*

*SE indicates that the course has been designed to meet the needs of special education students.

What Parents Are Saying About Acellus

Read the stories below to see how Acellus transforms learning for students.

About Acellus

Acellus is a computer-based learning system that has changed online education as we know it today. Acellus is the only online learning system that utilizes I2 (Intelligent Interaction), which technology enables it to cater the educational content to the individual skill set of each student through customized, personal instruction.

Acellus is the fastest growing learning system in America. The program is used by over one million students at over 2,000 schools in every U.S. state and around the world.

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