Reading & Language Arts

The International Academy of Science offers Acellus courseware to help students build a solid understanding of reading and language arts.

Each course provides video instruction and utilizes Deficiency Diagnostics and Customized Personal Instruction to offer a comprehensive feedback system that responds to users' interactions by modifying the curriculum to fit individual needs.

Based on each student's performance, Acellus creates an individualized experience, ensuring that each student has a chance to succeed at learning.
*Under Development

Elementary (Grades K-5)

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

High School (Grades 9-12)

Grade K Reading
Grade K Language Arts
Grade 1 Reading
Grade 1 Language Arts
Grade 2 Language Arts/Reading
Grade 3 Reading
Grade 3 Language Arts
Grade 4 Language Arts/Reading
Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading
Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading
Basic Reading I
Basic Reading II
Grade 6 Language Arts/Reading
Grade 7 Language Arts/Reading
Grade 8 Language Arts/Reading
Basic Reading II
Grade 8 Language Arts/Reading
High School English I
High School English II
Survey of American Literature
College Prep English
AP English Language*
AP English Literature*